Salesforce 101:  ADD INS!

There are over 3000 app on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

AppExchange was created in 2006 to help Salesforce users customize their Salesforce environments faster, easier, and without significant investment.

There are free and paid apps.  Quite often, only Salesforce Administrators can install apps in their Salesforce org.

Is there a business process or challenge you face, that you believe the app will solve? The more clear you are on the problem, and what the solution would look like, the quicker you’ll be able to evaluate the app in its features and capabilities (and shortcomings too!) Some common business cases for needing an app are:

  • Data cleansing – too many duplicates, need a quick way to merge or delete or even editing records in mass fashion.
  • Marketing – need a more affordable option for small businesses to create templates and mass email.
  • Mapping – need a way to see data on a map for any object.
  • Mass Actions – for example, need a way to “log a call” once but have it apply to many records.
  • Document generation – need a way to take the data in Salesforce, and have a contract, invoice, or flyer generated.


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