What Can Distributors Do During the COVID Slump?

By David Cameron

An In-depth look at what Distributors s can do during the pandemic slump.


It is quite likely that some distributors will endure a slump due to lower demand and subsequently lower production levels. During this period, distributors can explore other transformative measures to improve their organization while we wait out the downturn due to the coronavirus.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what distributors can do during the COVID slump:

1. Commence a Continuous Improvement Program (CIP)

Most companies rarely have the time necessary for a comprehensive Continuous Improvement Program (CIP). These processes are backed up by peer-reviewed research, have proven results and are easier to implement than you think. Use this downturn to get such a training or software program up and running – it can be a great asset for you when the economy begins to pick up speed.

2. Enhance Plant Sanitization

COVID-19 is necessitating rigorous sanitization procedures to mitigate the spread of the virus. Most distributors in the medical space already have extremely thorough sanitization processes in place. It would serve you well to adopt or at least learn from some of their practices. Implementing a higher level of sanitization measures will go a long way towards maintaining a safe environment for workers and protecting their health.

 3. Explore Available Funding

Enterprises’ financial reserves are being threatened by the pandemic across all fields of business. The Canadian government is providing various funding programs and rolling out several new beneficial schemes. Contact us as we specialize in finding Government grants for training also! These alternatives can help ensure business continuity by protecting your enterprise from running short of funds.

4. Update Your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

This is especially important during a global crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation has established new parameters for industries to function within. With employees now working from home, there may be an increase in email traffic due to the lack of meetings in person. This means that there is a whole trove of information that may have to be recorded. Reviewing, understanding and updating your existing SOP and employee handbook to match these new circumstances can help provide clarity on better ways of doing things in an emergency. It also helps pinpoint activities that you only do in-person, such as physical inventory or cycle counts or preventive maintenance. This category of activities may require revised processes in light of the pandemic.

5. Learn New Skills & Best Practices

Use any idle time to take an online class to learn a new skill for your industry or sharpen your existing skills. This is a good time to examine industry best practices and implement them for your organization. For instance, you could implement new features of your ERP system to integrate data – this will give you a competitive edge when demand surges as normalcy resumes in the future, and can also help you improve current production with fewer resources.  You could also enroll your staff in Core Tec Systems Office 365 training, and we will help you find a government grant to subsidize the cost.

Contact us for any of your Microsoft Software,  ERP, or CRM investments at info@coretecsystems.com as we would be happy to help.

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