Ways to migrate multiple email accounts to Microsoft 365.

Your organization can migrate email to Microsoft 365 from other systems.

Your administrators can migrate from MS Outlook, Exchange Server, Gmail Suite and other IMAP-enabled email systems.

Your users can import their own email, contacts, and other mailbox information to a Microsoft 365 mailbox.

Your organization also can work with Core Tec to professionally migrate your email.

Before you start an email migration, contact us so we can get started on reviewing limits and best practices for Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online with you to make sure you get the performance and behavior you expect after migration. 

Microsoft Outlook Benefits for small and medium sized businesses

Your data is immune to major disaster events
Easier organization and management
More scalable and easier financial management
Licensing and updates are no longer an ordeal
Access to outlook from your desktop or Web App
Synchronized access to your email from your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop with one license
The offline mode allows you to work anywhere at anytime
Larger mailboxes
Easy collaboration and integration to OneDrive, Teams, other Microsoft365 Apps and Dynamics365
Your outlook settings are in the cloud, including same email signature on all your devices
New MS Outlook Functionality including Grammar checking as you type, Drag and Drop attachments to emails, Drag and Drop emails to Calendar, to Tasks, to Contacts, and much more.

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